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With the rise of the NDIS there is a myriad of “new providers” in the market making promises that they are failing to deliver upon. We have been providing Home-Based Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy services across Metropolitan Sydney since 2008.

Importantly our large community Rehabilitation service is complimented by our advanced therapy clinics and a team of wonderfully experienced therapists. This ensures that we have the ability to provide supports to our clients in the environment that will result in the best outcome for them. Whether this is in our clinics, exclusively within their home or a combination of both.

It takes a great deal of expertise to deliver evidence-based care in the home and this is something we pride ourselves on, and why we believe we are vastly different from the rising number of pop up services looking to “cash in” on a service model they don’t understand or value.

Home-based therapy is beneficial for patients who would be otherwise unable to access private therapy and rehabilitation, or those whose needs would be better assessed in the home environment, in addition to those patients preferring to be treated in the privacy and convenience of their own home.

Our team are dedicated to the provisions of true capacity building supports. With our help our clients will be working towards goals which will increase their participation in all aspects of their life. The provision of in home therapies which compliment and consider all aspects of our client’s lives in a holistic and integrated manner can be critical to the achievement of these goals. We pride ourselves on having this expertise and the ability to provide services to our clients wherever they need it most.

We offer advanced therapy and rehabilitation programmes in the comfort of the family home for people with varied conditions and disability. This may include but is not limited to:

  • neurological and degenerative diseases such as stroke or Parkinson’s disease,
  • balance and mobility issues,
  • post-surgical recovery,
  • post-trauma recovery
  • early discharge following joint replacement
  • musculoskeletal complaints

Our services may include:

  • Advanced Therapy and rehabilitation
  • functional re-training
  • education
  • complex assistive technology assessment and prescription
  • home modifications
  • formal and informal support education and training

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Rehabilitation in the privacy and comfort of your own home brings the convenience and flexibility of allied health services to you. We provide consultations in private homes, nursing homes and retirement villages throughout metropolitan Sydney.

Most importantly we have an experienced team who are experts in the provision of complex supports within the home and who are able to work collaboratively within a multi-disciplinary environment to ensure that our clients receive the highest level of evidence based practice.