About Us


We support teens through to adults of all ages to maximise their independence, recovery and quality of life.  We empower participation in all activities in the home and the community by working with our clients to achieve meaningful goals that fulfill their potential and expectations.

Rehab Health and Fitness Australia has provided services since 2008.  With clinics in Sydney’s Inner West and South Western Sydney, and staff who work throughout metropolitan Sydney, our services are well placed to work with clients on their goals wherever they are best delivered.  Our team have extensive skills and experience in delivering person focused supports, in the home, our clinics or the community.

We provide a multidisciplinary team approach, working with clients on their journey, whether it’s rehabilitation of an injury and restoration of function, management of a lifelong disability or support for family and friends.

At Rehab Health and Fitness Australia we pride ourselves on the delivery of evidence based advanced therapy, supports and rehabilitation.