Amputee Rehabilitation

What is amputation?
Amputation is the loss of a body limb due to trauma or disease resulting in a lifelong change to one’s body. Its impacts range from physical and psychosocial domains of health requiring a significant adjustment to one’s life. It is conceivable that such adjustments can bring feelings of uncertainty and being overwhelmed.

How can physiotherapy and occupational therapy help?
Our amputee service aims to allow people with amputation to reach their potential.

We see a wide spectrum of people with amputation across different stages of their amputation journey. Whether you are one who is learning how to use a prosthetic limb for the first time, or an experienced prosthetic limb user, we provide physiotherapy that meets the stages of in your amputation journey.

Occupational therapy work closely with physiotherapists in exploring assistive technologies and home environment strategies such as wheelchair prescription or home environment modifications to provide additional mobility options to support your activities of daily living.

What do we offer?

  1. Prosthetic limb gait training
  2. Physical strength and conditioning
  3. Education and training on residual limb care

We offer multiple methods of physiotherapy delivery such as home-based, clinic-based and telehealth sessions which provides greater choice and control of your physiotherapy supports to meet your goals.

Prosthetist and physiotherapists joint reviews
Our service capitalises on the relationships with a wide network of prosthetics providers in Sydney. This is a unique service offering because it provides both a prosthetist and physiotherapist opinion simultaneously to support your specific physical function goals, such as walking, running or upper limb function.

Adaptive and Inclusive training (AIT)
Our service recognises the needs of high-function people with amputation by offering physical strength and conditioning training to introduce new and support experienced prosthetics user into sport. Furthermore, our relationships with prosthetics providers allows for access to community participation engagement programs, such as the Ossur Mobility and Snow Clinics which run annually in Sydney.