Peter Locke
Peter graduated from the University of Sydney in 2001 and like Julienne, started his early career around the halls of Liverpool hospital. Over the 6 years he worked in the hospital he worked across most clinical streams before taking on the role as Senior Physiotherapist in Neurology.

He was fortunate enough to have an opportunity to work in professional sport, something he had a side interest in throughout his time at Liverpool.

Peter worked as the NRL Physiotherapist at the Parramatta Eels for the 2007 and 2008 seasons before moving into business for himself and starting Rehab Health and Fitness Australia.

For the last 16 years Peter and his wife Julienne have been the principal therapists and Directors at Rehab Health and Fitness Australia (RHFA).

Peter takes huge pride in the family that is RHFA. He is passionate about integrated and collaborative care that is client focused. He believes that as an industry we tend to under rehabilitate our clients and is passionate about ensuring that each client truly achieves their full potential. He is humbled and privileged to work with the team that he has worked arduously to form and takes huge pride in their success.

Peter believes that all therapists should be empowered to deliver supports that are evidence-based, holistic and client centred. Empathy and kindness being central to this approach.

He is currently focussing upon the continual improvement of the quality of the systems and care at RHFA. He is committed to ensuring RHFA is and remains an industry leader in all that we do.